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I will have my cake and eat it too 

13/06/2022 - 30/06/2022

Goethe-Institut Glasgow 

‘I will have my cake and eat it too’ presents selected works from the past three years. Over these years, different concerns and ways of making have occupied me. The grey room shows earlier works walking forward my fascination with figuration - with bodies suspended in a state of rest, often adopting awkward exchanges. They mark a starting point in looking at family; understanding relationships, gender roles and interpersonal dynamics.  With concerns having shifted during the pandemic, my focus and interest became more intimate. In the summer of 2021, I decided to document my grandmother through her recipes. In these works, apart from my celebration of her, there is a desperate attempt to hold on. I believe to a degree, this echoes in my paintings of fruit peels beyond a formalistic fascination for them. My desire to hold on, a half felt belief that I could have it all and preserve it all, lends the exhibition its title. 

The show was curated in collaboration with Ane Lopez. 

Ane Lopez is a Curator originally from Spain and currently based in Glasgow since 2015. In 2017 she completed a Masters in Communication Design at GSA and co-founded the art and ecology collective A+E upon graduation. Ane’s curatorial experience expands across disciplines with a focus on moving image. Her most recent curatorial project was the ecological strand Eco Spectrality for Glasgow Short Film Festival 2022. Ane is also currently working as the Programme Facilitator for Market Gallery. 

oil paint and charcoal on wood 120cm x 243cm


Oil paint on paper 52cm x 40cm

oil paint on paper

oil pastel on paper 21cm x 29cm 

oil paint over clay 

Pencil on paper 21cm x 29cm

air dried clay

oil paint on paper 48cm x 60cm

oil paint on canvas 136cm x 180cm

oil paint and pencil on board

oil paint and acryllic on canvas

Thank you :)

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